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We are Auckland based auto rental company, this is 100% owned and operated in New Zealand. We provide quality and reliable auto rentals services with fair pricing for personal or business use. Many people prefer to use our auto rentals due to the reliable vehicles and competitive pricing as compared to other auto rentals in market.



We provide auto-rentals services for personal or commercial use. You can hire our reliable and spacious vehicle with confidence.

The vehicle rental can be used for any purpose:

  1. Moving small unit or apartment.
  2. Moving heavy appliances items, eg., Fridge, Washing Machine, bed, Sofa, Drier.
  3. Can be used as a emergency courier services.
  4. Any other purpose.

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Our provide very fair pricing services for our customers. Our pricing are very competitive as compared to the other auto rental service providers.

Half Day

39$ / 4 hours

Full Day

69$ / 8 hours

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